Hyperion Research Study

The demands modern HPC and AI workloads are placing on systems capabilities are driving system architectures to their limits. CPU and GPU designs continue to deliver increasing amounts of performance. System memory capacities are growing while demands for lower latency are driving increases in density. These advancements, coupled with packaging innovations such as chiplet technology, are exposing a requirement for improved off-package interconnect solutions to provide the proper balance to deliver optimal system performance characteristics. In-package optical I/O technology is poised to fill this system interconnect void.

A recent study regarding market readiness and expectations from HPC/AI users and vendors reflects strong sentiment and high expectations for the need for optical I/O connectivity to satisfy their respective future requirements. Summary results of the study are shared in this paper with a focus on HPC/AI user and vendor sentiment towards:

  • System issues to be addressed by future architectures
  • Future technologies expected to provide the highest impact
  • Two-year and four-to-six-year time horizons
  • Datacenter operations personnel and end users
  • System and semiconductor vendors
  • Industry and government sectors